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 Welcome to IECEXshop, a web shop dedicated to IECEX certified products. IECEX is one of the latest certifications suitable for use in the ever changing world of hazardous and explosive areas. With one of the largest webshops in the world we are proud to say that we have the latest IECEX products in our store and are still growing! We are continually working on our store, keeping you and your company updated for the best ATEX certified products.

IECEXshop stands for:

  • Latest technology in IECEX products
  • Highest reliability and quality
  • Wide technical knowledge
  • Problem solving ability

We understand the IECEX market is ever changing and the manufacturing and delivery times for various solutions and products can fluctuate. Therefore our customer service will always be ready to answer your questions and help you find the solution you need. Not every product is in stock but don't hesitate to ask us for a custom quote or solution, IECEXshop aims to provide you with your quotation within 24 hours.

IECEXshop combines our professional knowledge with the most advanced products and worldwide delivery to any country, aiming to provide solutions to any problem or question you have. If the product you need is not listed on our website please contact us and we will find the solution you need!